Golf Academy & Clinics

GlenArbor Golf Academy

GlenArbor is proud to introduce a unique golf instructional experience which is the finest in the Metropolitan area – the GlenArbor Golf Academy. We offer a customized experience for you and your guests that may include your choice of the following components:

V-1 Video Technology
Utilize the latest state of the art video system to analyze your swing, including the new GlenArbor Online Academy.

Golf Specific Fitness
Customize a wellness program (pilates, stretching and flexibility) with a professional trainer.

Individual Club Fitting
The GlenArbor Professional Staff will work with you to build a custom set of golf clubs fit to your individual specifications.

• Full Swing Instruction and Analysis
Work with the GlenArbor Professional Staff on all aspects of your long game, posture, stance, swing plane, etc.

• Short Game Instruction and Evaluation
Take advantage of the GlenArbor Short Game Facility while working to improve a variety of shots from the long to short pitch, bunker play, chipping, putting, green reading, etc.

• Putting Lab

The T.O.M.I (The Optimal Motion Instructor) system is a computer program that measures everything that your putter does during your stroke; length, path, lift, rotation of the face, quality of hit and tempo.

• Short Game Course
Challenge yourself on our 9 hole short game course (Par18).

• Custom Dining

Enjoy the ability to customize your food and beverage experience.

The GlenArbor Golf Academy is intended to provide a combination of world class instruction, golf and dining experiences for you and your guests to enjoy. We can accommodate numerous students, or an intimate group of 4-8 participants.

Please contact a member of the GlenArbor Golf Professional Staff to schedule (914) 241-0700 or

  • Short Game Academy
    • Our world-class Short Game Center enables our staff to provide instruction for every type of shot inside 100 yards.  The GlenArbor Professionals offer custom short game schools tailored to the skill levels of the players involved.  These schools are designed in a number of ways:

      • One-hour school that is ideal prior to an event such as a mini outing or a member-sponsored event.  This school also fits nicely before or after a round of golf with your guests.
      • One, Two or Three Day Schools that would cover all areas including the full swing, short game, on course instruction, course management, and how to practice.  Whether you need to negotiate the rolling greenside pitches of Pinehurst or escape a deep sod bunker at Carnoustie, we can prepare you for success.  A multiple-day Short Game School provides an unmatched learning opportunity, and would enhance the “GlenArbor Experience” for members and visiting guests.
  • Full Swing Academy
    • The GlenArbor Professionals will work with each student’s individual needs.  From the beginner to the Professional the Instructional Staff has the experience to bring any player to the next level.  Possible formats are as follows:

      • Half-day school that is designed to give a student a better understanding of the golf swing.  With the latest computer technology available, learning becomes much easier and understandable.
      • One, Two, or Three Day Schools cover intensive training that can be taken to the golf course.  Course management, on course instruction, and how to practice are the areas of study.

      Above are two examples of customized GlenArbor Golf Academies.  We can accommodate numerous students or intimate groups of 4-8 participants.  Our V1 swing analysis system, putting lab & launch monitor are among the tools used to evaluate our students.  Additional academy components such as golf-specific fitness, club-fitting, short game challenge course, and even custom dining can be arranged to make your experience even more special.

      To schedule any type of golf instruction, or to find out more about the GlenArbor Golf Academy options, please contact the Golf Professional Shop or Club Concierge.

  • Instruction
    • As we all know there are many ways to swing a golf club, and a successful swing can come in different shapes and sizes.  Similarly, there are also a number of different styles of learning.  Some students respond to verbal assistance, many prefer visual feedback, and others improve faster when they actually feel their body in a different position.  The instructors at GlenArbor are highly trained and react quickly to the learning style of a student.  While there are certainly differences in each instructor’s deliveries, a shared understanding of swing dynamics keeps a consistent theory of instruction throughout the staff.  GlenArbor offers a number of different golf instruction formats to accommodate players of every skill level.

  • Individual Lessons
    • Many feel that there is no better way to learn the game of golf than to schedule a private lesson with a member of our instructional staff. Individual lessons provide an environment where an instructor can focus solely on the improvement of one student.

  • Ladies Clinics

    • Ladies clinics are designed to give women an opportunity to learn in a social atmosphere. The student to teacher ratio is four to one making a more relaxed environment in which to learn. Both Beginner and advanced clinics are offered to ladies depending on their abilities. All areas of the game are addressed.

  • Junior Clinics

    • Junior clinics are offered from the first week of June and end the last week of August. These Clinics are a great way to teach juniors the traditions of the game of golf that will last throughout their lifetime. Juniors are broken up into age groups and all areas of the game are addressed.

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