Teaching Center

GlenArbor’s World Class Teaching Center.

Refine your golfing skills at GlenArbor's World Class Teaching Center. Staffed by a knowledgeable cadre of PGA Teaching Professionals, the all-weather facility is open year-round. GlenArbor is committed to offering the finest instruction of any private club. Our Teaching Facility has the latest in computer technology. The V1 Professional coaching system allows students to learn at an advanced rate through visual understanding of the golf swing. Video lessons can even be e-mailed to students through our on-line GlenArbor Golf Academy site. The importance of the putting stroke has been addressed with construction of an indoor putting studio.  The studio features the computerized SAM Putt lab, which can evaluate every component of the putting motion.

The Teaching Center is equipped with a multitude of teaching / training aids and devices, and Trackman launch monitor for measuring golf club data and ball data. The two heated bays offer the student a comfortable atmosphere to learn, even in the most undesirable weather conditions during the winter, spring, summer and fall.  This enables the Professional Staff to work with your individual teaching needs.  

There is also a comfortable library with a number of instructional books and videos, and a flat-screen television for viewing the latest golf / sports broadcasts. With such a unique and well designed Learning Facility, GlenArbor has set the standard for golf instruction.  No area of your game will be unaddressed, given GlenArbor’s ability to work on the full swing, short game and on course management with a staff of professionals that have the knowledge and experience to take your game to the next level.

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